ITA Certified Tea Sommelier

The most advanced and comprehensive international tea sommelier program

Oct 15 - 18th 2021

Birthplace of Tea - Puer, Yunnan China


A Comprehensive Course For Both The Aspiring & Seasoned Tea Professional

If you desire to reach the global height of tea knowledge – and do so by gaining your certification at the most iconic tea growing location in the world – then this course is for you. With the backdrop of stunning Yunnan Province, our flagship Tea Sommelier Certification Course takes place in Puer, China. While attending the course, you will literally live, breathe, eat (yes, eat!) and learn tea deep in the mountains at the Puer Tea Garden Hotel. The hotel restaurant will provide organic foods infused with tea flavors for all your meals, while our class sessions together will entail actually going out into the surrounding tea fields and mountains to pick, pluck, roast, taste, and learn from the wild tea trees and local tea masters themselves. Throughout this course you will be guided step by step on your own personal journey from book to branch, lesson to leaf, and back again.


Benefits of Attending the Tea Sommelier Certification Course

• Learn Directly from Tea Masters and Local Tea Farmers in Pu’er, China – the Birthplace of Tea.
• Earn Two Professionally Recognizable Certifications from the International Tea Associations: ITA Tea Sommelier Certification and ITA Tea Business and Tea Production Course Certification (100% Pass Rate for Previous Course Participants).
• Advance Significantly Your Professional and Personal Tea Aspirations Along the Lines of Tasting, Evaluating, Roasting, Serving and Sourcing Fine Teas.
• Gain Access to an Exclusive Global Network of Tea Entrepreneurs and Tea Influencers.
• Have a Once in a Lifetime Experience Enveloped by Gorgeous Nature.

A Word From the Master Instructor Shana Zhang

I’m Shana Zhang, the founder of International Tea Academy. I will be leading the ITA Certified Tea Sommelier Training in Pu’er every year in China, and I can’t wait to see you there! When you come to study with us in China, my team and I will personally ensure that you have an unforgettable experience, one that is productive in terms of knowledge gained, pathway forward in your tea career clear, and network stronger than before you came. See you in the next ITA Certified Tea Sommelier Certification Training!
Warmly Yours
Shana Zhang


ITA Certified Tea Sommelier Training Overview

Day 1
15th Oct 2021

The Comprehensive content of traditional true Tea Ceremony and tea brewing. From varietal differences between leaves the Japanese and Chinese tea ceremony. Key attention will be paid on tasting notes, methods, culture differences and how to brew tea properly with the way of keeping good health by traditional Chinese medical health care concept. 

Day 2
16th Oct 2021

Professionally international standard Tea Evaluation. It’s a rich curriculum will be provided to teach the student to differentiate how to judge the tea quality through the whole process of tea tasting. Students will also learn keywords taken straight from the professional tea industry, and will be able to speak confidently about the drink, after this learning you’ll have strong ability able to judge the tea quality easily from different types of teas from the world.

Day 3
17th Oct 2021

In this course, we will focus on the professional techniques of Tea Blending. Required for developing both traditional blends and signature formulas. And we will finish with an in-depth lecture and Q & A on the workings of the global tea business. This is the perfect part of the course for those tea professionals interested in starting their own tea business or who already own one.

Day 4
18th Oct 2021

In this course, we will go to a tea plantation and a tea factory to learn everything about tea from the time it is planted until it gets to your cup. You will hand-pick and process your own teas to see from start to finish how tea is truly made.

This is a very important part of the course for those tea professionals interested in starting their own tea business or who already own one. Every single one will have hands on experience of Tea Processing and learning how to Grow Tea.

What The Course Graduates Are Saying

ITA Tea Sommelier Training Bonus

· 4 of the high-quality online tea courses will be offered (over 20 hours). And these courses are lifetime available and you'll have Q & A service for the lifetime. (More than US$260 Value)

· 4+ different kinds of high-quality teas bring to home for your home tea evolution study and examination. (More than US$500 Value)

· Comprehensive and professional ITA Tea Sommelier Study Menu.

· 4 important tea books in the tea industry: The Wild Truth of Tea, Wild Tea Hunter, Tea Poison and 5 Element Tea. (More than US$60 Value)

· High quality and beautiful traditional tea ceremony tea utensil set for your daily tea brewing. (More than US$350 Value)

· 4 Days 5 nights of Puer Tea Garden Hotel accommodation included. (You only need to take care of your flight ticket from your place to Puer(Simao) airport, we will have the car come to pick you up at the airport to hotel directly. (More than US$1500 Value)

· 3 organic meals per day (4 days training total) included. (More than US$1000 Value)

· Free transportation between Puer airport to Hotel included.

Who Can Join Our Tea Sommelier Training?

It is never too late or too early to start learning tea!
Whether you are new to tea or an advanced practitioner, you can learn and benefit from our full course curriculum. We have personally taught everything you need to know about tea to students in their teens all the way to in their 80′s.
This is open for any level of tea practitioner: beginner, advanced or professional. Choose from our specifically designed modules for proper tea healthy life development and open your decent new career.
Email us:

2021 ITA Tea Sommelier Training

Space Is Limited to 10 People
Reserve Your Spot For A Whole Week for
$3000 with Early Bird Discount
The price goes up to $3990 after July 31st, 2020


ITA Certified Tea Sommelier Training VS Others

There are many schools who focus on theoretical knowledge while we focus on a “body of knowledge”.
At ITA, we believe in making transformative tea education accessible for everyone.We bring you world-class courses from the world's top tea authors and brands to allow you to create remarkable transformations in all areas of your life. We have over thousands of online tea lovers and tea learners are following us, and we don't teach any low quality theoretical knowledge, We bring together the world’s best tea teachers, a thriving community, build a lively and fun tea practice - no matter your age, fitness level and body type.
Choose from our specifically designed modules for proper tea healthy life development and open your decent new career.

All you need to know about Covid-19

The most important and inspire thing we learned from Covid-19 is everything can be happen and nothing is impossible. We have seen lots of incredible new business been created at this period, we also seen lots of people got desperate at this period, but no matter how world changing, it's all depend on what you believing.
Here is what we believe and want to share it with you:
1. After Covid-19, the world will be totally different, people who is preparing for the big change will win. Tea is not most important and necessary thing on this planet, but it can be also the most spiritual plants that all humans need on this planet. The earlier you learn with this plants, the better you can use it for healing yourself and others spirituality.
2. We believe Covid-19 will be gone next year before our live training start. Who can grab the training seat, who will have the chance to access the highest spiritual level of tea learning that you won't able to find in anywhere else. The longer people been locked, the stronger desire that people want to travel, when you wait until that happen, it will be too late for you to get our limited space.
3. Worry is the most common and natural self protection we have. We can't against it, but we can solve it. You have our guarantee, until 1st September 2021 if Covid-19 or any other global disaster still going on on this planet which causing you the trouble to travel and visit us, you have our guarantee to 100% refund your tuition fee.

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ITA Certified Tea Sommelier Training

Oct 15 - 18th 2021

Birthplace of Tea - Puer, Yunnan China