Catrin Rudling

Catrin was born and raised in a small town on the West coast of Sweden, north of Gothenburg. After finishing high school her curiosity took her to the USA and after that to Germany, Switzerland and Spain where she spent more than eight years. She has later travelled several times to the US, and also visited China, Japan, Korea, India and Thailand and of course most of the countries in Europe.

Catrin has studied international business administration at Lund’s university. She always dreamt about having her own company – not knowing exactly what kind of commitment that meant. Her dream came true as she started to work at an advertising agency in Gothenburg. After a few years, she became a part owner and later president of the agency. The agency was specialized in branding, marketing & advertising strategies for clients within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

After several years Catrin decided it was time for a new challenge. She traveled with her husband Peter around the world with the objective to identify a new, interesting business idea. She came across Mighty Leaf Tea and got impressed by this company. In 2007 she became their International distributor in Scandinavia through her own company which she worked with until 2016.

Today Catrin lives in Stockholm and was until March 2019 the co-founder of Dear Tea Society, a company specialized in organic teas, owned by the coffee roaster Johan & Nyström.

In spring 2019 she decided to go back to working as an account manager in marketing which she does and at the same time she has her own tea company on the side. She distributes Pure Tea in Sweden and also organic, seasonal and premium loose leaf teas as direct as possible from the small farmers. She keeps on spreading the knowledge about the origin and taste of fresh, natural tea, the versatility of teas to increase the awareness of where and how tea is grown, harvested and processed – for the benefit of the farmers and the consumers alike.

Tea is a wonderful potion that fits perfectly into Catrin´s way of living. She is a dedicated horseback rider, ashtanga yogi and overall a health focused person. Catrin is strongly committed to enlighten others in Scandinavia to discover the wonderful world of tea and its beneficial effects.