Shana Zhang

Shana Zhang the founder of International Tea Academy. She grew up in a tea family that owns two tea plantation and two tea factories in Yunnan, China. Her tea books The Wild Truth of Tea and 5 Element Tea been published on Amazon. She has a deep and unique perspective of the tea industry from the Chinese side of things. She worked for her family's tea company, which is the largest tea export company in Yunnan province, where she was responsible for international sales, tea quality testing, fair trade certification, IMO certification, plantation inspection and other responsibilities.

She was professionally trained within China in Chinese tea ceremony and as a professional tea taster. She currently a shareholder in Wild Tea Qi, which is a tea company that is distributed in the US. She manages the buying operations, tea farmers and plantation inspections, package design, and international sales. She is the major soul of Wild Tea Qi, as part of her mission to help protect China's quickly dwindling natural environment, as the guiding spirit of integrity in support of Biodiversity tea and preserving the original tea artisans.


As the International Tea Academy's founder and the tea books author, Shana with her team have built the great tea company Wild Tea Qi based on their years of experience going deep within China, hunting down the finest artisanal teas available and collecting some incredible stories along the way.

In addition to all this, they have compiled information about hundreds of tea companies from around the world. Shana is leading the head of the trend of Tea education, over thousands of students from the world are come along to learn profound tea knowledge from her. Check out Shana's tea books and online tea courses, she is ready to share with you lots of this insider tea knowledge.