Make Your Own Tea Blend

April 07, 2019

Make Your Own Tea Blend

The highest quality, healthiest tea blending comes not from any tea companies, but from yourself. Only you know your own body, and you’re best suited to know your own needs.

DIY tea blending is not just a way to have lots of fun; you get to create one-of-a-kind teas tailored specifically to your needs. So if you’re interested in DIY tea blending, learn the 5 elements system and how it relates to tea blending. Here are some more tips I would like to share with you:

First one: How do I know what kind of tea blend to create?

We showed you which organs relate to which of the 5 elements in our #4 Online Tea Course - Ancient Chinese Science of Tea Blending and Wellness. Each of the 5 elements relates to one of our five senses, and the five senses (eyes, ear, mouth, tongue, nose) are related to different organs. When any of your five senses have problems, you can use this as the basis for finding out which organs might need to be healed.

Then, because you already know which organs are related to which of the 5 elements, you can find the two most important relationships for the element you want to heal: the supporting element and the controlling element. Through these clues, you’ll be able to blend tea for yourself accurately.

Tip 2: There are tons of herbs and foods out there, and you might start to feel overwhelmed if you have to figure out which of the 5 elements each and everyone belongs to.

Don’t worry! The main thing you need to do is to choose food that’s in season. Don’t choose off-season foods. Mother Earth already set up everything for us, and the only thing you need to do is follow her rules.

Aside from that, don’t create tea blends from things when you aren’t sure what the results will be. Let’s take a very simple example:

You know that red foods in red color belong to Fire element. For example, strawberries, cherries, roses, and black teas all belong to Fire. When you want to do tea blending, you need to think about which organs you would like to focus on healing. As we know, Fire is related to our heart, and strawberries, cherries, roses and black teas are all related to Fire. We also know that if one element is too strong, it will be out of balance, and the organ itself and others could be harmed, so we shouldn’t only focus on the element itself you want to heal, but also the other elements that support and control it.

Many tea companies might not know or care about this principle. Instead, they only want to focus on the taste of the tea blend. For example, some companies would like to put dry strawberries, cherries, roses, and black tea altogether. It might sound like a tasty blend, but be careful, there may be too much Fire in your cup. If your heart and small intestine are already unhealthy or weak, you should be careful of this kind of tea blend, as it will burn out your Fire element organs’ energy, leading disease.

Tip 3: Try to only do fresh tea blends and to not use artificial additives.

Dry fruits in tea might not be as healthy as you think.

When you buy tea blends and open up the package, you might find some tea blends have full descriptions of what’s in the blend, but inside the packaging, you see only tea leaves, nothing else – yet the tea leaves have a strong aroma of the ingredients listed. 

If you still remember my introduction on how tea factories do tea blending, it’s easy for you to understanding why. Most tea blends on the market don’t use natural ingredients but use artificial additives instead.

On the other hand, some tea companies might want you to see real ingredients in the tea blend. For example, when you are drinking fruit or flower tea blends, you might be able to see those fruits and flowers in your tea bags. But don’t jump to conclusions – that may not necessarily mean the tea blend is healthy. Why’s that?

To explain this, I recommend that you do your own tea blending test. Let’s say you want to blend cherries, rose flowers, and black tea. You can do this two ways:

  1. Put all the fresh ingredients together and brew them.
  2. Dry your cherries and rose flowers, then blend them with black tea and brew.

Then drink both types of tea that you made by yourself, and compare them with the one you bought from some tea company. Then you’ll able to find out what’s really different.

You need to understand that any herbs, fruits, foods, or teas could turn bad if you store them long term. If you don’t believe it, you can dry your own cherries, then remove the cherries blended into the tea you got from some tea company, put them together, and wait a few months. You’ll be able to see how long your dried cherry lasts compared to the one from the store-bought blend.

In the food industry, any artificial food has chemicals, artificial additives, and other things in it. If you really want to blend the healthiest teas, do it yourself, and make it as fresh as possible.

Tip 4: Different quantities result in different functions.

In most tea companies, when you get their tea blending products, you might feel the taste is just perfect. That’s because they have a large scale system that uses different artificial essences to make your product smell perfect and taste perfect.

Let’s say maybe they are using pure natural essences, or pure natural ingredients to create pure natural organic tea blends for you, wouldn’t that be perfect enough for you?

The answer is, of course not.


Because we are all different. Every single person is their own body type. We have different genes, and our organs having different weaknesses. Even if as a person, you belonged to the same element as me, that doesn’t mean we can eat and drink all the same things. Different living conditions and different lifestyles and habits could all influence us to have very different situations. For example, if you and I both had the same eyesight problem, and the eye is related to the liver, and thus belongs to the Wood element, we drink the same tea or tea blends for healing Wood element organs, right?

Generally, we can. But we won’t get the same results. After we drink the same tea blends for a while, your eyesight might improve a lot, but mine still doesn’t really change. That is because my problem might be worse than yours, and we’re living different lifestyles, with different habits, different living conditions…so even we drink tea blends with the same ingredients, I might need a totally different quantity than yours, or more of a certain ingredient, or vice versa.

This is a major point in traditional Chinese medical theory. Every single person needs different treatment. There are no recipes powerful enough to heal everybody the same. Human beings are a huge example of biodiversity, but if we treat ourselves as standardized, then we’re literally killing ourselves just like destroying the forest and other biodiverse environments.

So, who is the most valuable tea blender in the world?

Not those who work in large tea companies whose taste buds have been insured for over a million dollars.

You are the most valuable tea blender in the world. No one can blend better for you than you can yourself. 

Tip5: Real tea blending is happening in your stomach

Human beings have been discovered with a wide variety of food. Most of the people on this planet can eat and drink whatever they like, and on top of that, they don’t even realize there are so many more kinds of food in existence that they haven’t even heard of or may never even taste. Like creating a perfume, we keep creating foods. Food, not on the level just for survival anymore, but on the level that we only pick what we like and can be very picky about the taste, smell, and even how it looks on the plate or feels in the mouth...

But here are some warnings from ancient Chinese sages I would like to share with you:

In Confucius’s training Li Ji (礼记  礼运篇), it is recorded:

Eat, drink, and sex is all human’s biggest desire, and everybody has them. When you are hungry you feel that all foods smell good, and when you are thirsty, you feel that all drinks are sweet. This is actually losing your mind and experiencing illusions because you are hungry. Hunger can break down the human body’s normal feelings of having eaten, and the barren and poor condition can destroy a person’s mind. If when you are facing lots of wealth and prosperity, you still can choose the Tao and keep calm and peace in your mind, not doing anything outside of the Tao, then you will be able to get away from disease and shame.

Mencius, the ancient Chinese philosopher who has often been described as the "Second Sage", is famous after only Confucius himself. He also told his disciples:

If a person focuses too much on food and doesn’t know how to limit his appetite, and they break rules, break their principles, and lost their sense of self to get food, this type of person will lose their wisdom and mind, and become a person everybody would look down upon.

The reason we're sharing this with you is that we want to let you know that to become a truly decent tea blender, the first thing you need to do is to cherish every single individual tea, her, fruits, flower, and food you are tasting. Yet don’t be crazy about any of them, try to limit your appetite, carefully understand each ingredient you are tasting, and understand them very well before you put them together.

On the other hand, after you have completed this course, we hope you understand an important principle of tea blending, which is not to create tons of crazy new tastes but to keep the human body in healthy balance. Never overdo it. If you don’t know how to do it properly, then just drink tea, eat fruit, and drink herb separately – because later on everything you ate will go into your stomach, and your stomach will become a large blender, naturally mixing them all together.

Remember, we already have too much nonsense drinks and foods on this planet. It wastes lots of natural resources. So before you work on a tea blending project, try to create things with a basis in consciousness and sustainable principles.

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